Pablo Perel (author)

I do a lot of things professionaly. I'm a writer, scriptwriter, author, film director, opera regisseur and musician.

Pablo perel

Pablo Perel is a film, TV and theater director, author, writer, teacher, musician, and quite a few things else. Educated in painting, music, theater, movies, writing, Poetry and Physics, Pablo was formerly the leader in innumerable projects, such as the Aleph Network TV station, which he created, Argentina's President counselor in Media, the magazines The Imaginary Express, Zaff!!, Pan Caliente, the radio seasons of El Tren Fantasma, the newspaper Videodromo, creative director in Rock&Pop TV and many others.

Pablo wrote, directed and produced numerous films, TV shows, advertising spots, full international campaigns and music videos, was scriptwriter and script doctor for full-length feature films, writer for television, radio, books and stage plays such as Terri and the Pope, among others, both in Argentina, Israel and USA. He created TV stations, brands, radio stations, and Internet portals.

Recently his book "The Little P**** Prince" was published in Barcelona, Spain ,and he was awarded by the Argentina Film Institute (INCAA) for the TV Series "La Bohème from Buenos Aires" and previously with the Outstanding Artist Certificate.

He also teaches Sciences and Filmmaking at several universities and he keeps on writing fiction and non-fiction on his two almost exclusive topics, Films and Beatles, both of which give the name to his production company: FilmBeat.

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