Nicola Vallera (author)

Nicola vallera

Nicola Vallera
Celta Teacher (University of Cambridge, UK)
He is a World citizen. He lived in many countries, and currently teaches English around the World.
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Dorian, a beggar, spends his life on a bridge that is alive and produces strange hallucinations.
This a story about a woman who lives in a dystopian society that forces her to work 24/7 and perform dodgy jobs murdering people.
A mysterious man from the future warns John Spencer that the world is about to be destroyed by an imminent nuclear war and offers him the possibility to travel to the future.
A man trapped in an endless city. A man fighting against everybody and everything to find out the megalopolis truth. Who are those people trying to stop him? A long journey to discover what life is. Will he finally succeed?
On board a train, Alan and Ralph become friends to the point they share burning secrets.
Some characters get stranded in the space-time fabric. Their only desire is to understand what is going on.
Bo Walton, a scientist who builds up a time-machine to return to the 70s to meet her dead mother and brother.