The Unsatisfied Traveler by Nicola Vallera

Some characters get stranded in the space-time fabric. Their only desire is to understand what is going on.

The unsatisfied traveler

A man finds a mysterious Sci-fi book and gets enraptured by it. 

How to travel back in time? 

Do scientists from a distant future have an answer? 

The characters in the story are three-dimensional beings, just like you and me. But, what happens when they tease the pace-time fabric and have to deal with further dimensions? 

This is a thrilling novel in which the only certainty is that the boundaries between real and unreal are uncertain.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: time-travel , Middle ages, love, adventure, castles, injustice, Italy, suspense, sci-fi, new york, nightmare

Word Count: 90,000

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The Unsatisfied Traveler






Nick Vallera



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     "People haven’t believed me during the last couple of centuries. I traveled and lived in the past but, nowadays, they think I am crazy!"

These words were the opening of a book that Jim Smiths found on a train. What Jim didn't know was how much that book was going to affect his ordinary life. Sometimes, life may take turns you don't expect, and you might start questioning whether you are real or not. It all begun in a dining car of a train running from Chicago to New York where Jim was having a drink sat by the window. The train was moving fast, and there weren't many people in that coach because it was late and the bar was about to close. Jim preferred to travel overnight to take advantage of the day. Outside the window, there was darkness and the sound of the train wheels on the track worsened his anxiety. Jim had always feared trains, planes, cars and was in a constant alert state, always ready to face possible emergencies. For example, a crash or a derailment when he traveled by train or a ditching or a crash landing traveling by airplane.




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Translation in progress. Translated by Idelidiany Soares
Translation in progress. Translated by Cristina Núñez Pardo

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