Neal Martin (author)

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Bestselling non-fiction author, urban fantasy novelist, blogger and world renowned self defense instructor.

Neal martin

Neal Martin is a world renowned self defense instructor who became a bestselling author when he released his first book on self defense. He since went on to publish a number of other books in this feild, also bestsellers.

Neal has also written a bestselling book on writing and has recently published a well-recieved urban fantasy novel under the name N.P. Martin. He is currently focused on developing his latest book series.


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A simple step by step process to help you write faster and better.
Drills to accelerate and enhance your self defense training.
An expert guide on teaching self defense for maximum results.
An action-packed dark urban fantasy novel.
Mind training techniques for martial artists.
The most no bullshit guide to self defense you'll ever read!
Self defense awareness, avoidance and fighting techniques.