Mind Training For Martial Artists by Rory Christensen

Mind training techniques for martial artists.

Mind training for martial artists

Accelerate Your Martial Arts Training With This Book!


This is the ultimate guide to training the mind for martial arts success.

In this book you will learn:

The power of meditation and why five minutes a day is all you need to get real results
How to accelerate your progress using visualization techniques
How to achieve a laser focus that will allow you to succeed in a much shorter time-frame
How to manage fear and beat the inner-opponent
Simple NLP techniques that work--period
How to get more self discipline and manage negativity
And much more

Just by implementing the techniques described in this book you will skyrocket your progress in the martial arts and get further than you ever have before, no matter what discipline you are training in.

Genre: EDUCATION / General

Secondary Genre: SPORTS & RECREATION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 23000

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Sample text:

The training of the mind is something that is often neglected amongst martial artists. It is generally accepted that the martial arts help to develop the mind, body and spirit, yet the mind and spirit are usually forgotten about as we put all our efforts into mastering the more physical techniques within the martial arts.

I believe that training the mind is just as important as training the body, for were the mind goes the body follows, something many of us forget in our pursuit of physical mastery.

It is almost impossible to achieve our full potential as martial artists unless we acknowledge the fact that the mind plays a significant role in our overall development.

It is the key to all growth and without it we are merely puppets on a string, all physical movement and lacking in the depth and understanding that’s absolutely necessary to take us to the higher levels of mastery.

Many of us are pretty much in the dark when it comes to actually training the mind. How do you train something that doesn’t exist in physical form? Training the body is easy because it exists in physical form. We therefore have something real and substantial to work with, plus we can easily see if we are making progress or not because the body lets us know, in different ways (through better movement, higher skill levels etc.) that we are improving.

Just because the mind is ethereal however, doesn’t mean it can’t be trained. We simply think of the mind as another muscle that can be worked and developed like any other muscle on our bodies and suddenly it doesn’t seem so difficult. The trick now is coming up with ways and methods to actually do this and then properly gauging the results off our efforts.

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