1500 Words Per Hour: How To Write Faster, Better And More Easily by N.P. Martin

A simple step by step process to help you write faster and better.

1500 words per hour: how to write faster, better and more easily

Learn how to WRITE FAST and professionally and make 1500 WORDS per hour a breeze

Do you struggle with the whole writing process? If you do it’s likely because you don’t have a proper writing system in place. But not just any system. I’m talking about a system that not only allows you to write faster but also produce HIGHER QUALITY WORK. Whether you are writing fiction or writing non-fiction this system will help you write with ease.

You will produce 1500 words or more for every hour you spend writing

But how is that achievable? The secret to achieving such impressive word counts is to separate your thinking time from your writing time. This book will show you exactly how to do that so you are no longer stuck for words AND START EARNING MORE MONEY from your writing.

With the Speed Write system the words just flow out effortlessly ALL THE TIME

As hard as that is to believe, it’s true. I have proven it. So have many other successful writers who use a similar system. In this book I lay out the complete Speed Write system and show you just how easy it can be to go from amateur writer who gets nothing done to professional writer who finishes a book every couple of months.

Inside this guide you will learn:

How to generate an unlimited amount of new ideas
The power of intention and how it can assure your success
Why thinking can be a curse and how to separate your thinking and writing time
The simple tactic that may just solve all of your writing flow problems
How to make writing a habit and minimize distractions
And much more

1500 WORDS. You can write that many in just a single hour. All you need is the right process to follow. The Speed Write system embodies that process.

Genre: EDUCATION / General

Secondary Genre: ART / General

Language: English


Word Count: 10,000

Sales info:

This has been a consistent bestseller since its release and continues to do well in the charts. It has been at number one in very competetive niches a few times. Sales between 100-300 a month, usually on the higher end.

Sample text:

I was a failed writer for most of my life, someone who usually only wrote when they felt like it, which as it turned out, wasn’t very often. Dreams of fame and fortune where harboured, of the prestige of being a writer that everyone knew and looked up to and respected.

None of that ever happened.

Until a few years ago.

A few years ago I discovered something that turned me from failed writer into successful writer of over thirty books and counting, plus numerous articles and short reports. I went from making not a single cent from anything I wrote (mainly because I never finished anything, and what I did finish was mediocre at best) to earning a very good full time living as a writer.

So what changed?

Did the book fairy touch me with her magic wand one night? As nice as that sounds, no, that’s not what happened.

Two distinct realizations changed the way I write.

The first realization came after years of frustration. I was tired of being broke and I decided that I was going to make this writing thing work or die trying!

I wanted to be successful. I wanted financial freedom, to travel places, to stop eating the same crappy food every day because it was all I could afford, to wear better clothes and finally bin the tattered and smelly sneakers I’d had for the last three years. But how was I going to get those things?

My second realization came as I started to look at other writers to see how they did things. I didn’t just read another load of writing books; I also interviewed many writers under the pretence of doing it for a website. The website didn’t exist. I just wanted information and that was the only way I could think to get it.



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Already translated. Translated by Leslie Pierobon
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Great work done in good time!
Already translated. Translated by Mayara Alves Pereira Leal
Translation in progress. Translated by Hernan Francisco Veliz

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