Maya Shepherd (author)

Maya shepherd

I publish books since August 2012. My most successful book is "Radioactive". It's a trilogy.

Currently I write on the last part.

I write storys since I learned to read and to write. Since 2014 I do it as my main job.

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Ein Fantasyroman über zwei Schwestern, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten
Third part of the "Promise"-Trilogy
Fairy tales in new form
Second book of the Dystopian-Novelle "Promise"
Dystopie über ein junge Frau, die sich auf eine gefährliche Reise begibt
Dystopie after the Third World War
Second part of the tetralogy after the Third worldwar
Third part of the tetralogy after the Third Worldwar
The last part of the Tetralogie
young girl falls in love with a vampire, but she isn't that normal as it first seems