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Marlayna Glynn
Award-winning memoirist seeking translation of memoirs

Marlayna glynn

I'm a best-selling American memoirist and photographer. Immediately upon publication my first memoir, Overlay: One Girl's Life in 1970s Las Vegas, became one of the highest rated author memoirs on Amazon. It was honored by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards with an Overcoming Adversity award right after publication.

Overlay is set in glamorous 1970s Las Vegas, the fighting-to-come-of-age story of a resilient child born into an ongoing cycle of alcoholism and abandonment. My character develops a powerful sense of self-preservation in contrast to the fallen adults entrusted with my care. My profound story explores the characters and events populating my life as I move from home to home, parent to parent, family to family, ultimately becoming homeless at the age of fourteen. 

My other published works are best sellers in every category on Amazon, and although the count changes daily, my works are generally in the top five best sellers and the top three highest rated. 

My published works include:

I've sold 100,000+ copies in the English speaking market and am excited to collaborate with translators to enter foreign markets. 

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This searing, often bizarre tale of Marlayna's teens and twenties reveals the author's flight from Las Vegas to the formidable world of self re-invention among the angels and demons populating 1980s Los Angeles.
Continuing her engrossing journey from the moment ANGELES ends, the author shares the vignettes of her life - replete with enlightening mistakes, edifying consequences, forgiveness and personal redemption.
When three souls die tragically in the 34th century BC, they make a pact to reincarnate across multiple time periods to make karmic amends to each other.
Set in glamorous 1970s Las Vegas, OVERLAY is the fighting-to-come-of-age story of a resilient child born into an ongoing cycle of alcoholism and abandonment.
Join award-winning memoirist Marlayna Glynn Brown on an emotional voyage in REST IN PLACES to understand the alcoholic father she never knew in life by taking his ashes to sacred places after his death.
This collection of true stories will invite you to lean into the process of understanding the larger implications of how suicide affects those who have been left behind.