M.G. van Corbach (translator)


Quality translation from English into Dutch.

M.g. van corbach

Having worked in several jobs, ranging from investment banking to data processing for a large printing company, five years ago I felt the time had come to work for my favourite boss, me!

So I started Mirvaco text and translation, with myself as the sole translator. My specialty is lifesciences (pharmaceutical); book translation is done on the side, not as my main source of income. I translate from English into Dutch (for the Netherlands or for Belgium). I also proofread other Dutch translations.

I put quality over speed, unless requested to do otherwise.

Native language: Dutch
Translates from: English
Translates into: Dutch

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Wonderful to work with. So fast! Would highly recommend.
Main translator
Author review:
I've had great luck with the translators available through Bablecube and the streak continues with M.G. van Corbach, who was professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

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