Luisa Vaz (translator)


I am an European Studies graduate with vast experience in translation and retranslation.

I have an European Sudies graduation and for some time I studied International Relations.I have translated promo material for a film realese, actors bios, thesis and master thesis, medical texts, romance novels, educacional guides, tourism related material and I have worked for 1 and a half years in a book publisher. I have some text editing skills and I am an experienced proofreader. I am very used to home-working, making my own timetables does not stress me for I finished my graduation in the online system so I am very used to working alone although I am a very good teamplayer. I am at ease with almost every theme when it comes to translation or retranslation. I only work with one translation pair: EN-PT-EN. Portuguese is my native language and I have several years pratical knowledge of English. I am used to working in multicultural and multilingual environments once I was an Erasmus student in Graz, Austria where my communications were made in English and German. Considering and negotiating author´s multiple requests when it comes to their books is something I am absolutly comfortable with. My experience at the book publisher allowed me to learn some things about the comercial side of this business, how to organize an event and how to better promote a book.  I stand by my deadlines and I always consulte with the author before making any major change I consider necessary or before making any decision. It is possible for the author to contact me at any given time and let me know how he feels about the work in progress When translating, my upmost goal is to respect the author´s idea and I always avoid to make a literal translation. I am available, if and when necessary, to provide my CV for analysis. With all my experience, I believe I am a good asset in this line of work. 

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Portuguese
Translates into: English, Portuguese

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Editor and proofreader

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Main translator
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Narrator made offer and submitted first ten pages before she missed her deadline and stopped returning emails. Project cancelled.