Lucas E. Nascimento (translator)


I am a language lover and I've got a passion for science (biology, chemistry, and astronomy). Always ready to learn more through reading.

Lucas e. nascimento

Lucas is a very active person. When he was younger, he decided that he wanted to learn English, so he started translating everything he read on internet and books. Some years ago he started translating scientific papers such as short communication, research, reviews, and abstracts and other related documents. 

My interests lie on science, mainly. As a BSc in Biotechnology I am really into general biology, genetics (genetic engineering & genomics), biochemistry, physiology, immunology, and other related areas. Furthermore, I dedicate some of my time to physical activity and studying about human muscle anatomy. I am a personal coach for beginners in muscle training.

But in spite of my interests I am open to translate any kind of book, ready to learn new things and give others an opportunity to read what they wouldn't be able to without a translated version of a book in a foreign language.


Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Portuguese
Translates into: English, Portuguese

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Super speedy and very pleased with the work!
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Excelente tradução!
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