Me and Fat Marge: A Sexy Short Story by Lori Schafer

This funny, sexy short story will forever change the way you think about dieting - and possibly make you yearn for a fat Marge of your very own.

Me and fat marge: a sexy short story

"She dives into me like I'm as smooth as a chocolate creme pie and twice as tasty..."

Brent and Marge have only been married a short while when Marge's weight grows dangerously out of control. It's up to their good friend Kat to make sure she starts eating healthy again - and once they get started, she can't bear to stop! This funny, sexy short story will forever change the way you think about dieting - and possibly make you yearn for a fat Marge of your very own.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: humorous erotica, funny erotic short stories, big beautiful woman, lesbian sex, oral sex, short stories about sex, erotic romantic comedy

Word Count: 3000

Sample text:

Her breasts alone are the size of honeydews and as I stare, my eyes popping, at the nipples poking through the thin cotton I wonder, in spite of myself, if they’re equally as sweet.

She’s staring hungrily about, and I can’t help but think that I know what I’d be chowing down on if I had enormous tits like those, gigantic enough to reach with my tongue. The itch starts in again but I force it down so I can ponder my friend’s problem instead.

Within seconds I’ve got an idea. I guess it doesn’t take long when your mind’s always moving in the same direction. I’m not quite sure how to say it, so I straighten my hair and glasses, tuck my hand up under my chin as if I’m deep in thought, and then give it to him with all of the scientific seriousness I can muster.

“Has she sucked your dick lately, Brent?” I inquire politely.

“What?!” he yelps back.

“Your penis,” I clarify, thinking that maybe “dick” is a colloquialism unknown in this decidedly rural part of the country. “Have you been giving it to her to suck on?”

“Well, uh…” he says, his cheeks reddening as if suddenly flushed with fever. “Under the circumstances, no, not lately.”

“I was just thinking… seems like that would suit her oral fixation, doesn’t it?” I prod.

“I guess you’re right!” he exclaims suddenly, beaming. “Marge! Oh, Marge!”

He throws open the sliding door to the parlor and I follow, waving to Marge from the doorway. “Good to see you, Kat!” she calls, the expulsion of air causing those tantalizing breasts to sway like an inviting backyard hammock caught in a soothing summer breeze.

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