K.C. Falls (author)

New Adult Erotic Romance best-selling author. Hot genre, hot sales.

K.c. falls

I have two new adult erotic romance trilogies and several stand alone books on sale with another series in the works to be completed in the next couple of months. I market aggressively and begin with KDP select, moving on to making the first book perma free for each set. I have (and will continue to) run BookBub ads with stellar results. You can find all my books on my Amazon author page.

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Fed up with the 'Hell's Kitchen' pace of her life, Lara takes on a job as private chef's job aboard the megayacht, "El Lobo", never expecting to be swept into the emotional sea of a South Florida player who is everything she's trying to flee.
The steamy finale to the Year of the Billionaire Series finds Tristan and Raina in New York City where their romance careens along on it's passionate journey.
The scorching beginning to a romantic suspense trilogy of novels that will leave you breathless and craving more.
When Lara learns of a past too unspeakable to bear, she’s not sure she’s strong enough for him to lean on and looking for answers seems to only bring more questions.
Tristan takes Raina on a sumptous adventure while he continues to explore her--body and spirit.
They can’t hide from each other and they can’t hide from themselves--can either of them find the faith in each other they need for love to thrive?