Juliette Martin (translator)

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Addicted reader and passionate professional translator

Juliette martin

I am an enthusiastic and dynamic book translator specialized in the English-French language pair able to work under tight deadlines while providing professional quality texts.

Thanks to my seven years of study in the literature field in an international school, I am now able to capture the essence of any book's style and inject it in another language, subtly playing with style, syntax, cultural references and imagery.

I have worked for a few years in the subtitling/translation industry on Netflix and Amazon shows, translated a few modest books like Heroic Paradox as well as video games, especially Role Playing Games (RPGs) since the many fantasy and sci-fi universes are my favorite.

I am available to start working immediately at an affordable price in order to bring the world of imagination to the international scene and carry out this project efficiently while preserving the author's style from the hazards of denaturing translation services.

I am interested in all types of books, being curious at heart, so feel free to contact me anytime to talk about your project, I'd be glad to learn more about you and all the words that came out of your mind and should now be shared with the world.

Native language: French
Translates from: English, Spanish, French
Translates into: English, French

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