Jimm Grogan (author)

I am an engineer, science fiction author, reader and watcher.

Jimm grogan

Jimm Grogan earned an associate’s degree in electronics and a bachelor’s degree in computer science before launching a career as an engineer for Hewlett Packard, Inc. and Microsemi, Inc.


Grogan currently lives with his spouse in Roseville, California.

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The action-packed sequel to Negative Zero finds Tomek on the forbidden planet of Baktu, hunting for the fearsome creature that abducted his friend—and on the front lines of an imperial invasion.
Despite the approach of dangerous invaders, the civil war on Azten rages on. A lawyer turned government agent works to destroy the powerful enemy—but quickly finds himself their target.
On planet Bisbane, gender segregation is accepted as normal. Human interference is about to change the status quo.
An interstellar bounty hunter working for his planet’s volunteer police force finds himself on the run when his secret identity is revealed and he is targeted by a mysterious organization.