Negative Zero by Jimm Grogan

An interstellar bounty hunter working for his planet’s volunteer police force finds himself on the run when his secret identity is revealed and he is targeted by a mysterious organization.

Negative zero

A trained hunter finds himself on an interplanetary run in Jimm Grogan’s thrilling debut novel, Negative Zero.


Tomek lives a seemingly quiet life as a spacecraft engineer for the interstellar Azten Empire of Federated Worlds.


No one knows, however, that during Tomek’s frequent “vacations,” he volunteers for his planet’s police force, tracking down convicted criminals and delivering them to justice. Known for taking on cases that no other volunteer will touch, Tomek uses the code name “Negative Zero” in order to protect himself and those he loves.


Tomek takes on the investigation of a lifetime when he tracks down those responsible for two major crimes: one in which thousands of farmers die of a suspected plague, and another in which the mass murderer uses a mysterious drug to force victims to hand over their wealth before dying.


As Tomek unravels the mystery behind those responsible, he is confident that they will be brought to justice.


But the sinister Trident group has other plans in mind when they eventually find out who Negative Zero really is. As they close in on his location, using corrupt imperial guards as their henchman, Tomek must fight for his life if he is to survive.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Futuristic Society, Space Police, Vigilante Justice, Death Penalty Fiction

Word Count: 57777

Sales info:

This is book one in a series. Two full-size books are published with a third expected in April 2017. A small novelette is also in the series universe.

The ranking should be in the amazon link below. Sales are less than 100 per year.

Sample text:

Tomek slouched back in the hotel room chair, tapping his fingers idly on its arms. He was dressed in an aquatic style suit, his body covered; his face was obscured by a helmet. Inside, he watched the video feeds of the lobby and hallway through the hotel’s private surveillance network, hacked minutes before.

            He spotted her getting off the elevator and stopped tapping. She was walking toward his suite, towing a large levitating case. Like him, she was human and wearing what appeared to be special sunglasses. Tomek leaned forward as if to get a better look.

            “Helmet, zoom in on the redhead’s face,” he commanded. Her face and curly red hair filled his view. “Helmet, compare with most recent image of Marta Fresden.” Tomek had not expected the red hair, but that would have been easy to change. A woman’s photo appeared: straight black hair, plump cheeks, and a radiant smile. The redhead looked gaunt by comparison, and the smile was gone, but it could still be the same person.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Christophe Demarcq
Author review:
I had his translation reviewed by someone on The reviewer said it was an outstanding translation. She did find typos which Christophe corrected immediately. The translator was cooperative throughout the process and communicated questions he had about a few instances where my writing was unintentionally vague. I enjoyed his service and hope he gets plenty of royalties.
Already translated. Translated by Yan de Oliveira Laaf
Author review:
Yan translated my book on schedule and cooperated with merging in the edits of my proofreader. Thank you, Yan.
Already translated. Translated by Luis Renteria
Author review:
This translator was going along great. The Spanish proofreader I hired to inspect his work thought he was good. The final Microsoft Word track changes edit was done for the entire book and I returned the document to Luis to accept or reject the various edits. This had worked well on the 10-page sample. But then Luis disappeared with one last message that he was in a difficult situation and no longer had access to computers. After eight months of waiting for him, I had the proofreader finish accepting all her own edits and polish the document. I submitted that as Luis's work and got it published.

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