Baktu by Jimm Grogan

The action-packed sequel to Negative Zero finds Tomek on the forbidden planet of Baktu, hunting for the fearsome creature that abducted his friend—and on the front lines of an imperial invasion.


The sequel to Negative Zero blasts off with our intrepid spacecraft engineer finding himself mere minutes from being fired upon by two elite warships of the Azten imperial navy. In direct defiance of the Azten Empire of Federated Worlds, Tomek is headed to the surface of the forbidden planet Baktu.


After being stranded on the low-tech planet for almost a year, the human Tomek has found a home—even falling in love with a young Bakti named Spri.


But the Bakti have been keeping a secret from the foreigner—a secret that could lead him to find the creature who abducted his friend Claymore. The same awful secret also holds the answer to why the planet has been isolated by the Azten government for the past two hundred years.


Meanwhile, as Tomek hunts for monsters on the tranquil planet, a civil war has broken out in the empire and the sinister Trident organization hasn’t forgotten about their clever nemesis.

Then there’s the Golantan armada that’s heading toward Azten, crushing all resistance in its path…


With Baktu located at the edge of the empire, how will the Bakti manage to resist an invasion on their own?

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Science fiction romance, Sci-fi adventure, Young adult sci-fi, Science fiction

Word Count: 75262

Sales info:

This is book two in a series. Book one and a short novelette are also published. Book three is expected in April 2017.

Baktu is available with black and white or with color illustrations. (The words are the same.)

Sales are less than 100 per year. The sales rank is available in the Amazon link below.

Sample text:

Wra silently gestured toward a clump of submerged grass out in the swamp. She plucked her bare foot from the soggy mud bar she stood on and stepped into the water. Her foot sank as she leaned forward to peer further into the deep murk.

The “silence” included the background noise of flying insects, punctuated by an occasional droger leaping out of the water long enough to swallow one.

Wra glanced at Tomek and gestured again. From his vantage, perched on a tree limb hanging over the water, he looked toward where she pointed. He noticed a vague figure of a creature treading water with only its eyes above the surface. All three meters from the end of its snout to the point of its tail undulated to maintain its position against the current, its light greenish scales blending with the water. Tomek whispered to his helmet to zoom in on the creature and to artificially increase the contrast. He could see it clearly now, except for some ribbon grass hiding its chest. The grass swayed against it, not sticking to it at all.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Christophe Demarcq
Author review:
This translator has translated for my previous book and did well. This time around he was even better.

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