Jeremy McLean (author)

Points of Sail Publishing
Jeremy McLean, author of eight published works under two names. I like to write action packed stories in all types of settings, currently historical fiction/fantasy and paranormal suspense.

Jeremy mclean

What readers have said about my books:

I've been writing since 2012 and I currently work under my name and a pen name with eight published books.

My published works are a historical fiction/fantasy series about pirates in the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, and another series about Psychics and Vampires.

My goal is to provide entertaining, action-packed books that readers will enjoy and want to tell their friends and family about.

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John Roberts struggles with his faith as he is forced to question the treatment of slaves, and the allure of piracy.
Now a hardened pirate, Bartholomew Roberts seeks to reconcile his need for faith and the life he chose while also dealing with a crew with low morals and even lower regard for the lives of others.
Bartholomew Roberts finally confronts his old friend-turned-enemy, Walter Kennedy, on the high seas and must decide what to do with him.
Bartholomew Roberts finds fortune in Newfoundland, but must make a hard decision to save lives and do right by the one who gave him his name.
Edward's adventure continues aboard an enemy ship alongside Herbert as they try to get closer to Calico Jack to kill him, and Anne and the rest of the crew try to catch up to them but instead land on an island full of people afflicted by a mysterious, dea
A young man named Edward Thatch, who later comes to be known as the dread pirate Blackbeard, inherits a mysterious ship and must follow clues to find keys to unlock it, all the while being hunted for a crime he didn't commit.
Blackbeard suffers in silence from the events of the previous book, while an enemy of theirs, another pirate, tries to tear apart everything the crew have built up so far, including their friendships.
After Blackbeard's crew rescues him from prison, the search for the keys to his ship continues where they face deadly trials, and the supernatural, to complete their seabound homestead all the while being chased by an assassin of unknown origin.
Kara, a vampire psychic hybrid, and her vampire friends, are targets for assassination, and have to find the psychic assassin before it's too late.
Kara, a vampire psychic hybrid, is tasked with finding a human scientist who was kidnapped.
Kara, a vampire psychic hybrid, finds out about a plot involving other vampires and psychics to wipe out the vampire race, and she must find the mastermind before it's too late.
Kara, a female vampire psychic hybrid, has to save her friend Olivia, also a vampire, from corrupt psychic police officers.