Bartholomew Roberts' Spirit by Jeremy McLean

Bartholomew Roberts finds fortune in Newfoundland, but must make a hard decision to save lives and do right by the one who gave him his name.

Bartholomew roberts' spirit

⚓ Staring down the guns of over twenty merchant ships, Roberts will need more than courage to stay alive. ⚓

After a brief encounter with an unfortunate French ship, Bartholomew and crew head to Trepassey, Newfoundland, on word of riches and ships of plenty waiting for them. There, Roberts encounters something he had never thought he would see in his lifetime, nor did he expect to ever see it again.

Now stuck in the harbour, Roberts must bide his time before they can leave, and he has more on his mind than the booty. His thoughts turn to the bold man who showed him courage so long ago, the one who, in his death, tasked him with his new name and spirit of vengeance.

Can the crew stall long enough to finish their job and make it out alive? Will Bartholomew live up to his namesake, or will he fall short?

See where Robert's trials take him in his short stories of action, adventure, pirates, and privateers set during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Religious

Language: English

Keywords: Pirate Fiction, Pirate privateer, Travel adventure fiction, Short stories of faith, Biblical historical fiction, Historical unlimited, Caribbean adventure series

Word Count: 12800

Sales info:

Sales are steady among those who purchased the previous books in the series. 

Sample text:

Slowly, people exited various nearby businesses into the street leading to where Hank and company were gathered. Around fifty people in total came out to meet with Hank, far more than the number of merchant ships, and many of them had weapons in hand. Hank thought it might have been an attempt to intimidate the twenty men he had brought with him, but it would be a foolhardy one.

"I suppose I'm going to have to teach these boys a lesson," Hank whispered to himself. He whistled, and the crew who had been lounging about came back to join him where he sat. He didn't rise from his seat, nor did he stop eating his apple, as the fifty men approached.

Before Hank could say anything, a few of the men holding weapons charged in unison, one of them headed straight for him. The crew of the Fortune, battle-hardened as they were, knew it was going to happen and struck back. One crewmate blocked the man coming for Hank and stabbed him through the stomach, and the others were dispatched just as easily. As swiftly as it began, it was over. Four were dead, none of them pirates.

The ease with which the merchants' men died soured the thought of attacking from the remaining forty-some. Hank too hadn't moved from his spot, and his casual attitude no doubt sealed it.

Hank took another bite from his apple and began speaking after signalling to one of the crew. "Thank you for joining us gentlemen," he said with a mouthful of apple. "My name is Hank Abbot, first mate of the Fortune captained by Bartholomew Roberts. Perhaps you've heard of him?" Hank gazed into the eyes of those thronged about him and saw some knowing looks of fear, and a few he thought might be admiration. "I trust you all understand why we're here. If you want to keep your ships intact, you'll do as we say."

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