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Looking to Translate books into English (Japanese, French, German)

James charles

I am a 26 year old who has come out of University and is training to be a teacher. As I have some time before I am allowed to leave the UK to teach, I have decided to use my degree in Japanese as well as previous experience in both German and French to translates works of fiction. 

I have previously translated the Mangas Demon Slayer, Panorama Island and Junji Ito works for my own benefit (THESE WERE NOT COMMERCIAL TRANSLATIONS). I believe I am confident enough to translate other works to a professional standard using my own knowledge and relevant dictionaries (Not Google Translate).

I have previously translated a German text for my Aunt (Monastery Diary by Francois Presley) into English. THIS WAS ALSO NOT A COMMERCIAL TRANSLATION.

I have not yet had experience translating French, except for during my studies, but I feel confident I can translate any French work into English. I am currently studying Portugese and may take on the a translation as a project, but I am less confident. 

I am not willing to translate from English into another language, including the ones I have listed. 

If you are interested I am willing to work for cheap and negotiable rates. I am more interested in the work than the money, but I would still like compensation. Whatever the rate, I intend to work with complete accuracy and professionalism. 

Native language: English
Translates from: French, German, Japanese
Translates into: English

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Author review:
It was a pleasure to work with James. He translated my ficton book Semnone's Grove skillfully from German into English, and I am looking forward to work with him again soon.
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