Eine Locke vom Haar der Königin-unter-dem-Hügel (A Lock of Hair From the Queen-Under-the-Hill) by Barbara Schinko

Folk and fairy tales for grown-ups

Eine locke vom haar der königin-unter-dem-hügel (a lock of hair from the queen-under-the-hill)

The dancer Siobhan loves Thomas the Rhymer, but his heart belongs to the Queen of Elfland. The master-thief Lucas, too, is forced to realize that the realm-under-the-hill lets no-one go who has stolen a kiss or a lock of hair from it. A vow at Midsummer leads to a fiery relationship, a druid wants revenge, three fishermen meet their fate, and Winter falls in love.

Inspired by Scotland's foggy forests and the green coasts of Ireland, Barbara Schinko tells fairy-like stories about mermaids, living fire, and a harper who has to make a decision between two women and two worlds.

Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

Language: German

Keywords: fairy, Thomas the Rhymer, ballad, short stories, minstrel, fairies, Elfland, Queen

Word Count: 26,000

Sample text:

Die niedrige Stube roch nach Ale und Whiskey und Siobhans flammende Mähne flog in alle Richtungen, als sie sich drehte und ihr Fuß mit dem Schellenband im Takt der Musik stampfte.

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