H.L. Dowless (author)

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Face challenges like the matador does the bull, then brazenly defeat them with a single stab of the sword. All that we have is right now and today, opportunity arrives in spurts and never waits, so never allow a real prize to escape.

H.l. dowless


  The author is an international ESL instructor. He has been a writer for over thirty years. His latest publishing successes are with Algora Publishing. His titles are nonfiction and include two of growing recognition, "Reflections On The Loss Of The Freeborn American Nation," and "Stairway To Tyranny." The author has also had three fictional success recently in the literary journal known as Vinculink. 

    In addition to the above note the author has had a number of other recent success stories in the area of fiction. These works were with the print and online company, Just Fiction Edition. The titles include "The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion," Thea Stellenofotos," and "Once Upon A Time In Nottoway.." 

    There have also been a number of self published volumes. One that is growing in its readership on a world wide basis is the title, "The Grand Army Of The Golden Eagle." Another nonfiction, though controversial title that has been self published recently is the work. "The Analytical Origin Of Life On Planet Earth."

   In addition to published works and self published works, there have been many others far too numerous to list on this page.

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This work analyzes and outlines the suppressed history of America.
This second volume chronicles the suppressed history of America from the Lincoln administration, down to the present day (2016), and into the dawning future. This work is the unedited version of the published work, "Stairway To Tyranny."
Humanity's coming redemption by the original genetic superlative...
What government is attempting to prevent the masses from knowing
A new perspective on the war to end all wars
A living, breathing portrait of art
A tale more of valid unfortunate truth, than imaginative fiction.
A collection of poetry on life subjects..