Thea Stellanofotos by H.L. Dowless

A tale more of valid unfortunate truth, than imaginative fiction.

Thea stellanofotos

Come ride out with a real adventurer to work at an archaeological field school on a far away, enchanted Aegean island. Stand by him on furlough while he takes a shot-in-the dark chance and finds the love of his life in the daughter of a local wealthy business baron, Thea. Hold his hand when tragedy strikes due to the action of an evil extortionist surgeon. Taste the thrill of revenge, only to fly away with him as he escapes the clutches of a corrupted system hot in pursuit!

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English


Word Count: 28780

Sample text:


She was as an enchanting river of flowing moonlight, the manner in which she stood poised and fearless even in light of what existed as tangible, yet still standing in the distant beyond and imperceptible; but still the aura of her exterior being encompassed by an easy, tranquil, benevolent composure...., the very mortal souls could only pause to behold the bewitching manner in which she spoke with a voice of flowing water and gentle whispering wind. Her suitors were immediately mesmerized upon the very emergence of her form sauntering across the greeting threshold of her talented father's opulent colonnaded marble mansion estate. Her smile.....her captivating smile alone....bore the depth of her soul sailing within the anesthetizing river aura of the midnight moon, to capture and instantly seduce the yearning heart of any suitor who only paused to momentarily woo....


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Already translated. Translated by André Weber
Already translated. Translated by Cristina López

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