March Of The Divine Magnificent by H.L. Dowless

Humanity's coming redemption by the original genetic superlative...

March of the divine magnificent

This work is one that deals with a subject matter that few writers, fictional or non-fictional, ever deal with. While the subject matter is seldom addressed in the Western world, it is well known in the far east. The subject is the redemption of mankind by the original genetic superlative. This work contains the authors own artistic embellishment, naturally, but the original theme remains the same.

Genre: FICTION / Literary

Secondary Genre: POETRY / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: poetry, aliens, mankind, anceint, fiction, religious, metaphysical

Word Count: 34671

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This work has been featured on the Booksie site under H.L. Dowless and has garnished well over a thousand reads.

Sample text:

The Bonfire Ceremony


High upon

their rippling saddled horses the mighty transcendence rode,

each warrior enveloped in superlative perfection a strode

their shinning sable horses of war;

endlessly galloping forward into the howling midnight wind,

born to make war and

gratify their insatiable lust for blood,

each heart bound up tightly in it's power quest again.



poured forward

from the secure depths of their fortress em-battlements,

to expose their flesh to the possibility of sharp edge

and their hardened bodies to the hazard of

treacherous devices;

like legions of ants they raced forthright from the secure Bastille walls,

rushing forth in an endlessly raging,

intrepid flood,

to fill the souls of mortal men throughout the earth with awe,

and the hearts of villainous women and children with horror

as the once serene emerald earth flowed far and wide

with deep racing rivers of their life blood.



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