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Gunnar artner

I am born in Germany in 1997, which makes me part of the so-called Generation Z. 

This means I completely grew up using the opportunities of the internet and the effects of globalization. Already in kindergarten, I started communicating with people all over the world in English, playing video games, and since I can remember the English language is a big part of the culture: music, movies, TV series, fashion, poetry to just name a few. 

This extensive confrontation and the early usage of the language, combined with a good 15% of my life living abroad with English natives and working in the international tourism industry allowed me to gain an almost native English speaking ability.

Besides the confidence I hold for my translations, I will commit to dedicatedly transfer your style and tone properly, in order to give your message the right voice in the German language.

Native language: German
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: German

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