Giovanni PANTANO (translator)


I am a graduated translator fond of Arts and English, French Russian and Italian Literature. After being a manager and a consultant for over 35 years, I am now on the road to retirement with a strong desire to devote my time to book translation

Giovanni pantano

I became fond of literature during my secondary education after I reading key books such as  "Trsitan et Iseult", Dostoïevski's "Crime and Punishmnet" or Jean-Paul Sartre's short stories "Le Mur" ("The Wall").

Reading these authors further opened my minds to classic French and English literature (being a French native and an English near-native) but also Italian and Russian literature that I happily further investigated and became very close to authors I have been reading and rediscovering ever since, among who :
FRENCH LITERATURE : NRF writers (André Gide, Jacques Rivière, Paul Valéry, Soupault, Marcel Proust, Alain-Fournier, etc), 17th century writers (Molière, La Fontaine, Racine, Corneille, le Cardinal de Retz, Saint-Simon, la Rochefoucault, Madame de Sévigné); 18th century writers (Diderot, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Casanova), 19th century writers (Stendhal, Sainte-Beuve, Flaubert, Balzac, Alfred de Musset, Georges Sand, Zola), modern writers (Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Le Clézio, Albert Camus, Michel Houellebecq, Philippe Sollers, Dominique Fernandez).
ENGLISH LITERATURE: 16th century (Shakespeare, Samuel Pepys), 17th century (James Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson), 20th century(D.H. Lawrence, L.P.Hartley, Charles Morgan, Hemingway, Dos Passos, Graham Greene, J.D.Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald), 19th century (the Brontë sisters, T.S Eliot).
RUSSIAN LITERATURE: 19th century (Dostoïevski, Gogol, Tchekov, Tourgueniev, Pouchkine)

ITALIAN LITERATURE: 20th century (Pirandello, Sciascia,Moravia, Pasolini), early centuries (Il Dante, Machiavel).

I then graduated in Interpreting/translation in French, English and Italian in Brussels (1975-1979), Brussels and further developed my professional career as detailed below:​ 
1. Freelance Translator and Interpreter (till 1983)
- Various European corporate companies, organisations and institutions
- Subcontracting work for interpreting and translation agencies (Brussels)
- Language background : French, English and Italian

2. Sales and Marketing Manager (16Y) with a British Co (1981 – 1996)- Develop marketing campaigns in BeLux in liaison with the British Manufacturers
- Handle contacts with large British, US and Canadian corporate accounts and embassies
- Handle medium size accounts in Belux
- Language background : develop strong oral and writing skills in English and Dutch

3. ERP Finance and Business Consultant (1997 – current)
* Participate and handle worldwide implementation projects in Information technologies (ERP) over Europe and the US.
* Write detailed process, analysis and technical documents in both French and English.

4. Freelance translator (2016 – current)
* Functional and technical translations for corporate companies and translation offices
* Translations of classic and modern literature (novels) and essays on finance and stock exchange :

> Il Giudice e le Streghe, Un'indagine del 500, Guido Paglarino;

> CALL or PUT, How I profit from Binary Options, Dennis Preston

​> Momo Traders, Brady Dahl

> Psychedelic Suburbia: David Bowie and the Beckenham Arts Lab by Mary Finnigan

> For the Sake of a Child by Stevie Turner


Native language: French
Translates from: English, Italian
Translates into: French

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Author review:
I really enjoyed working with Giovanni. He's very quick and makes sure he's translating in the right context. He contacted me several times to make sure lines with multiple possible translations were conveyed in the correct way. Would definitely work with him again.
Main translator
Main translator
Author review:
Giovanni did a great job! Very easy to work with and kept in contact with me throughout the process.
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Author review:
Very tasteful translation of a rather personal work...
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