Falafel Jones (author)

Independent author who has self published light hearted murder mysteries in paperback, ebook and audio book formats.

Falafel jones

Falafel Jones was named for a Mediterranean sandwich Mom craved while pregnant. While this name may have been a burden growing up, it provided a distinction from all of the other Joneses in town. In fact, things could have been worse. Ask Falafel's brother, a construction worker named Sweet Pickles.

Falafel is an independent author who has self published books in paperback, ebook and audio book formats. The current list of published titles is: Lifes a Beach Then You Die (Max Fried Mystery #1), The Kewpie Killer, Payback's a Beach (Max Fried Mystery #2) and the near-future, political novella, Press One for Yes.

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Light hearted, murder mystery in Florida USA beach town
Max is back in Payback's a Beach, the sequel to Life's a Beach Then You Die.