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Fábio fonseca de melo

'I might say (...) that the effort of transposing and recreating Gertrude Stein’s plays is, in itself, necessarily a form of critical approach, of interpretative exercise. And any exercise of translation of Stein’s dramaturgy is yet a dialogue with four of her translators into Portuguese, who up to this time attained the most significant results: Augusto de Campos, Júlio Castañon Guimarães, Fábio Fonseca de Melo and Luci Collin.'

Inês Cardoso Martins Moreira, "Ver-Ouvir Stein" ("To Watch-Listen to Stein") in Revista Inimigo Rumor, Nr.17, Cosac-Naify Ed., São Paulo, 2004.


Graduation in Performing Arts, University of São Paulo (USP)
Three years of English Language and Literature, University of São Paulo (USP)

** Translation Prize for "Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights", by G. Stein, sponsored by Livro Aberto Magazine and Xerox do Brasil. 1998.
** Prize in II Poetry Festival “Lobivar de Matos”, maintained by UFMS, for Pantaikai, as well as other 5 poems in the official selection.

A musician who plays the piano, sax, recorder and interested on learning clarinet and fagot.

A reader interested on Jung's work, Kafka, Borges, Rushdie, Goethe, Valéry, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Pound, Tolstoy, Daniil Kharms, literature related to Fantastic, Imanence, Transcendence. 

I am a managing partner in a language service provider company serving mainly the technical fields and academical papers, but have a passion for literary translation.

Books/texts translated:

2013. Translated an American author (still confidential).

2013. "Le spectateur condamné à mort", by Matei Visniec.

2013. "Lady from the Sea", by Susan Sontag, based on Ibsen's play. http://n-1publications.prosite.com/61727/1552650/catalog/a-dama-do-mar-lady-from-the-sea

2008. "Exiles. Allies. Rebels", by David Treece. http://www.nankin.com.br/imprensa/Releases/Release-exilados-rebeldes.htm

2007. "When We Dead Awaken", by Henrik Ibsen.

2007. "Introductory Epistle", by Walter Scott. http://www.revistas.usp.br/revusp/article/view/13595/15413

2006. "Fewer Emergencies", by Martin Crimp.

2004. "Edward, the Second", by Christopher Marlowe

2003. "Le Roi se Meurt", by Eugène Ionesco.

2003. "Language as Gesture", by Richard Paul Blackmur. http://www.usp.br/revistausp/57/15-blackmur.pdf

2002. "Spatial Form in Modern Literature", by Joseph Frank. http://www.usp.br/revistausp/58/16-joseph.pdf

2002. "The Brazilian Othello of Machado de Assis", by Hellen Caldwell. http://atelie.com.br/livro/otelo-brasileiro-machado-assis

2002. "The Point of View in Fiction", by Norman Friedman. http://www.usp.br/revistausp/53/15-norman-2.pdf

1998. "Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights", by Gertrude Stein.  http://consorcio.bn.br/scripts/odwp032k.dll?t=bs&pr=livros_pr&db=livros&ss=new&disp=card&use=pn&arg=stein,%20gertrude

1998. "Les Cenci", by Antonin Artaud.

The author of:

* the article "Theatre Festivals in Brasil: Shows and the Contemporary Scene" in Revista Textos do Brasil, Nr.16, The Ministry for Foreign Relations.

* the theatre plays and performative works: "Leon and Sonja", "The Pest in Cabralland", "Faust's Ears - a Rathuman" among others.

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Italian
Translates into: Portuguese

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