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I have published more than a score of books of fiction and non-fiction on several subjects and in several genres

David richard beasley

David Richard Beasley lives in Simcoe Ontario. He has written over a score of books in all genres including the standard biography of Canada’s first novelist, John Richardson, the only comprehensive story of the American Theater in its heyday with the great actor McKee Rankin, historical novels of WWII in Burma, escape from slavery in North America, child abuse in 1805, biographies of the great artist Clay Spohn and the major interpreter of art, the curator Douglas MacAgy, a trilogy of acclaimed detective novels, travels by donkey in Turkey and canoeing down a Canadian river, a political-economic study of the invention of the automobile, and light entertaining social novels and novellas. His Sarah’s Journey, the story of a slave escaping to Upper Canada in 1820, won a literary prize and along with his creative nonfiction From Bloody Beginnings; Richard Beasley’s Upper Canada won a Brag Medallion. He recently published Episodes and Vignettes; an Autobiography and Hypocrites and Other Stories. He was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his writings. Born Canadian he lived in Europe and Manhattan for 40 years, has a PhD in political economics, worked for years at the New York Public Research Libraries where he was the president of the union of library workers. He also published novels by Major John Richardson [Major John Richardson Newsletter is on his blog].

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Three novellas treat of erotic, romantic and erotic loves in England, Spain, France and Ontario
The adventures that two brothers have when canoeing down a Canadian river bring them closer.
Father rapes daughter in Berkshires of 1805
MacAgy was one of the great moving influences in art in the twentieth century.
Development of Upper Canada from before the American War for Independence to 1842
On VE Day in Hamilton a law student meets former ice hockey hero and introduces him to Canadian society
Canadian actor develops North American theatre in the 1800s.
University students work as caddies, bellhops, waitresses in a resort in the Canadian rockies during an exhilarating summer of hanky-panky with the rich guests.
Slave escapes from Virginia to Upper Canada in 1820.
American poet-mystic tries to bring people in vienna and by extension the world to knowledge of the god of humanity.
The life a practically unknown Canadian literary genius.
Library detective and Arbie Vine union president take on union bosses and bankers during the New York city fiscal crisis.
Library detective solves biggest theft in US history at the New York Public Libray
Travel by Donkey in the remote Black Sea region
Clay Spohn's biography with 18 pages of his paintings in colour shows him to be one of the great artists of the 20th century.
Burmese girl escapes from Japanese in World War II.
The automobile ran well on English roads in the 1830s but was suppressed for 70 years.