The Grand Conspiracy; a New York Library Mystery by David Richard Beasley

Library detective and Arbie Vine union president take on union bosses and bankers during the New York city fiscal crisis.

The grand conspiracy; a new york library mystery

Rudyard Mack, detective a the New York Library, must determine if his girlfriend, Arbuthnot Vine, Library Union President, was the intended victim of a knifing. Abbie may have been targeted because she is going to lead a march on City Hall to protest layoffs. When she is kidnapped, Mack is led to the murky world of New York politics—to the heart of a mysterious conspiracy.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Political

Language: English

Keywords: crime, mystery, fiscal crisis, libraries, trade unions, conspiracy, new york

Word Count: ca 76000

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Sample text:

As we drove into Maine early in the morning, Arbie explained that the neo-colonial American empire had received a severe blow by the loss of Vietnam and by the nationalist movements in Latin America, which had gradually undermined the power of American capital and its alliance with the comprador bourgeoisie of those countries. "When you begin losing your power to exploit other peoples, you have to exploit your own," she said.

I yawned. "There is always a ruling class that exploits the others whether it's American capitalists or Latin American nationalist heroes. I prefer American capitalists."

"You can prefer whomever you want, Rudy But the facts are that American capital has to consolidate to survive. That's why we've had thousands of bankruptcies, amalgamations, and take-overs every year There's a diner! Let's get breakfast." She pulled over to a roadside restaurant.

After we ordered breakfast, I suggested that she was tired from a night of driving.

"No," she shook her head with determination, provoking me into remembering how much I loved her "I needed the solitude and the concentration. It gave me more rest than a deep sleep. Rudy, I think we're getting death squads from the political right in the States just as they've got them in Latin America."


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