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Cyrus jackson

I’m a passionate blogger, experienced freelance writer and the best selling author of The 5-Day WordPress School which has helped thousands of beginners become WordPress website designers without any knowledge of coding or technical stuff.

I’ve been building beautiful WordPress website for the past 5 years and (yes, you guessed it) I’m a big fan of the WordPress content management system.

Which explains why all my WordPress books are best sellers on Amazon and readers find them helpful and easy to follow.

I’m also the author of Blog Business MasterPlan, a no-bullshit guide on how I launched my blog with a big bang: 1000+ unique visitors and 500 email subscribers on the launch day.

I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible build a profitable blogging business from their passion and kiss goodbye to their life-straining day jobs.

You can join me at, where I share actionable, easy-to-follow and proven ways to make money blogging right from home. Also my failures and success stories from various online businesses that I venture in.

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