WordPress Security For Webmasters : How To Secure Your Website From Hackers by Cyrus Jackson

A beginner's guide to securing your WordPress website from hackers and harmful malwares

Wordpress security for webmasters : how to secure your website from hackers

Would you love to learn how to secure your WordPress website (professionally) from hackers and go to bed knowing that your website is safe and sound? (Even if you hate coding or nerve-racking technical stuff)

Then, "WordPress Security For Webmasters" is the perfect guide you'll ever read.

It's no longer news that WordPress is the biggest content management system on the planet powering authoritative sites like CNN, New York Times etc.

Which explains why WordPress is the bomb: amazing features and flexibility! As the WordPress content management system becomes more popular as the day go by, this increases the number of hack attempts on websites using the platform.

In fact, Sucuri latest report for hacked websites in the third quarter of 2017 says that 3 out of 4 websites developed on WordPress were hacked.

This speaks volume of the fact that smart hackers now focus more on websites that are running on this platform since it's the most popular content management system on the planet and most beginners have not really mastered how to keep their website safe on the platform.

This is the exact reason why Cyrus Jackson, a professional WordPress designer, wrote this awesome book which takes you by the hand on how you can give your website fool-proof security that gives hackers nightmares and shows you how to manage your WordPress websites effectively ... in a brick-by-brick fashion with abundance of illustrations, screenshots, graphics and step-by-step guidelines to give you the needed road map on how to structure your WordPress website professionally for a web audience.

And yes: Even if you know nothing about coding or it's your first attempt at starting a WordPress website.This book got you covered, no kidding!

This book is a time-saving creation for anyone who is looking to keep their WordPress site safe from hackers.It assumes you're a total beginner and takes you step by step with helpful guidance and amazing images to guide you along.

"I can now go to bed knowing that my website is pretty much secured from the menace of hackers and harmful malwares, thanks to awesome security tips shared in this book" - Peterson Miley"

Here are topics covered in this amazing, easy-to-read, jaw-dropping and beginner-friendly book:

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This means, it's more of a course than a book because there's room for interaction between the author and readers which makes this book different from others.

In other words, if:

This is the perfect book for you!

So, scroll up and CLICK on the "BUY" button right away!

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Sample text:

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system which helps you build your websites without writing any line of code.

It was founded by Matt Mullenberg and has since become the most popular blogging platform on the planet: powering big blogs CNN, New York Times, Mashable, HoffingtonPost etc.

Technorati says 52% of blogs on the internet are running on WordPress which speaks volume of its efficiency and amazing features which will help you build a rock-solid website.

It has two versions: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

So, what’s the difference between WordPress.com and WorPress.org?

Let’s have a look at some parameters:

In terms of definition:

WordPress.com, which was co-founded by Matt Mullenwerg, is an open source software where you host your website for free without paying any money.

Everything will be done for you: automatic security updates, spam protection … coding etc.

But there’re some restrictions which you will have to pay for if you want to have access to some unique features.

WordPress.org, on the other hand, is the content management system of WordPress (also known as CMS) where you can create your website without any prior knowledge of coding and gain full control over it without any form of restriction.

In fact, you’ll be the boss!

In terms of domain name:

The domain name of your website is your web address. This is what people will type in the web browser when they want to visit your website.

For example, the domain name of Amazon is amazon.com.

You get it, right?

On WordPress.com, the domain name is free but it has some downsides: very long, unprofessional, ugly and confusing.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Cristina López

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