The 5-Day WordPress School: How To Become A WordPress Website Designer In 5 Days or Less by Cyrus Jackson

WordPress Website Step by Step Guide For Beginners

The 5-day wordpress school: how to become a wordpress website designer in 5 days or less


Would you love to learn how to set up (easily), design (professionally) and secure (aptly) killer WordPress sites?(Even if you have no prior knowledge of coding or nerve-racking technical stuff)

Then, The "5-Day WordPress School" is the most authoritative guide you'll ever need!

It's no longer news that WordPress is the best blogging platform on the planet and the most popular content management system you can find today which powers 52% of websites on the internet (according to Technorati) which speaks volume of its efficiency and amazing features.

No wonder authoritative websites on the internet (like CNN, New York Times, HuffingtonPost, Mashable...) are powered by the WordPress platform.

WordPress is the bomb: do you want to be left out?

Cyrus Jackson, a professional WordPress designer, takes you by the hand on how to master the WordPress platform effectively: from setup, to design, all the way to security ... in a brick-by-brick fashion with abundance of illustrations, screenshots, graphics and step by step guidelines to give you the needed road map on how to set up your WordPress website professionally for a web audience.

And yes: The book can turn you into a professional WordPress designer in 5 days even if this is your first attempt at starting an online platform.

No kidding!

Here're topics covered in this amazing, easy-to-read, jaw-dropping and beginner-friendly book:

I found "The 5-Day WordPress School" to be an excellent source of information for creating my WordPress website. I have read numerous books on creating your own WordPress website and I believe that this book is the best book that I have read on the subject of setting up a website for my business.

I plan to use this book as a reference when I start designing my business' website. - Maureen, Amazon Customer.

SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: An exclusive Facebook group where you can learn the exact strategies that I use to build a website setup business, get support, and get answers to your WordPress questions and challenges plus a FREE WordPress crash course which was not covered in this book.

This means it's more of a course than a book because there's room for interaction between the author and readers which makes this book different from others.

In other words, if:



This is the perfect book for you!

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How To Use This Book Effectively

Hi there, great to meet you!

I want to personally thank you for buying a copy of the "5-Day WordPress School".

I really appreciate the trust and believe you placed on me to give you a roadmap to follow to master the WordPress platform effectively.

This book is a goldmine that can transform you from a total newbie who knew nothing about setting up a website to a professional WordPress builder overnight: from set up, to design, to security and …virtually everything you need to know about setting up a self-hosted WordPress site.

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I’ve laid out this book in simple steps with graphics to guide you where necessary.

So, if you want to get the best out this book, here’s what I recommend you do:

Take your time to read the whole book, stopping at every step to carry out the specific tasks before you proceed to the next chapter.

Unless you actually practice what you’ve learned in this book, you may not learn what I’m teaching in this book.

Pick up this book anytime you want to set up a website for yourself or for a client to guide you along easily. With time you’ll master the whole process quickly.

I’ve got a special gift for you at the end of this book, make sure you don’t miss it. I love rewarding people that take actions after reading my books.

Ensure you join the free WordPress challenge to give a roadmap on the task you need to accomplish within the next 5 days on mastering the WordPress platform effectively which I couldn’t cover in this book.  Here’s the link!


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