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I believe languages are the strongest weapons in the world. I love foreign languages, books and travels.

Caterina lella

Hi! My name is Caterina Lella, I'm 31 years old and I live in a small town in the South of Italy. I have obtained a High School Diploma with specialization in foreign languages and longtime studies in Cultural Heritage, History and History of Art. My work experience includes working as a tour escort for Costa Cruises and also volunteering as a tour guide during local events. I consider myself a freelance translator, because I have been doing translations for years, both for private clients and for public institutions. In fact my last experience has been in Lisbon, Portugal. I worked for the National Museum of Archaeology, where I made translations of catalogues and documents, beyond tour visits and front office tasks. I can speak English, French and Portuguese and I still try to improve my knowledge studying or travelling. I love reading blogs and surfing on the internet to find inspiration. Some of my interests are photography, cooking and of course..books! I am enthusiastic about life and I believe the world is full of possibilities. I never give up but keep on dreaming about my future. My best qualities are patience, precision, trustwothiness, determination and smile! I should have more confidence in my abilities and that's one of my weaknesses, but I am trying to improve. I think this would be a great chance for me to show my skills and to open my mind to new worlds and new realities. That's what books are made for! :-)

Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, French, Italian, Portuguese
Translates into: English, French, Italian

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