Andrea Lunardon (translator)


My main professional goal is to work as a literary translator in my native Venetian language.

Andrea lunardon

I studied linguistic and cultural mediation (English and Spanish) in Padua, graduating in 2013 with a thesis on the translation of Spanish and English laws relating to linguistic rights. I continued my translation studies (English, French and Spanish) at the University of Udine.

Given my great passion for the art of translation, my main professional goal is to work as a literary translator enhancing my mother tongue, Venetian, a language recognized by UNESCO with the ISO code vec, but in serious danger because it is not taught in schools or used in public offices (except in some Municipalities of Brazil).

Since 2008 I participated in various projects to promote respect, enhancement, use and diffusion of the Venetian language. I have been a board member of the Committee for Beautiful Venetian Costumes (Comitato per le Belle Costumanze Venete) since 2009. I am a founding member of the Venetian Language Institute (Istituto Lingua Veneta - ILV) and a member of the board since 2014. Since 2015 I have been secretary of this Institute.

Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Other (Aragonese, Catalan)
Translates into: Italian

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