Amy Bright (author)

Hi! I'm a romance writer and a comedy blogger. I'm also an insomniac who's always exhausted.

Amy bright

Amylynn read her first romance novel in 2008 after being a lifelong literary snob. By the time she was done, she was hooked. Now she pens Regency and contemporary romances that will make you laugh.

She is an Arizona native and lives in the same house her husband owned before they were married. Amylynn fears she will never call another state home unless someone tells her husband there are forty-nine others to choose from. In reality, she'd settle for a walk-in closet.

Her family consists of the aforementioned husband, two beautiful children, two dogs, two cats, some fish, and a hankering for a panda. She'd like it mentioned she's never been in prison, but we'll see how that panda thing works out.

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