Building Up Love by Amylynn Bright

The Bennet Family Book 2

Could true love be only a dog, cat, or chinchilla away?

Building up love

Five years ago, Lee Bennett’s whirlwind romance with Candace Claesson ended as abruptly as it had begun, and just when he needed her the most. Since then, Lee’s built a successful construction company and a satisfying, if solitary, life. When he’s hired to build Candace’s new veterinary clinic, Lee finds her as irresistible as ever—but he’s never forgiven her and he’s sure as hell not letting her break his heart again.

For years, Candace has wrestled with regret and guilt over leaving Lee. At the time, nothing was going to stop her from achieving her dreams of studying in Scotland and becoming a vet—not even young love. They’d been inseparable for six months, but anything that intense couldn’t last. Or so she thought.

Reunited in their hometown, neither Lee nor Candace can resist picking up where they left off. But with so much from the past standing between them, how they can rebuild what they started so long ago?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Romantic Comedy

Language: English

Keywords: Construction worker, veterinarian , 2nd Chance

Word Count: 76,000

Sales info:

This is the 2nd in the series. I just got my rights back and repackaged it to sell under my own name. I've sent it out for reviews, will list it on Audible this week. I have a Patreon page and plan to blitz social media and have it advertised

Sample text:

Oh, crap.

Literally, crap. Lee Bennett cursed, then scraped the sole of his work boot on a curb. How had he missed that pile of dog poo? It was like Godzilla had passed through the parking lot.

He raked his fingers through his hair, making himself presentable to meet with his client. He grabbed his clipboard and a manila folder, then slammed the door to the truck’s cab. He skirted another pile of dog poop. Probably an occupational hazard at a veterinary office. He held the door open for a tiny old lady holding a tiny brown dog.

The lobby of All Creatures Veterinary Clinic was loud. And hairy. Lee suppressed a sneeze as a hunk of yellow dog hair floated past his face. He waited by the tall counter as the elderly lady signed in her wee brown dog—or squirrel, honestly it could have been either, it was so small. There was also a woman with a box of gray-striped kittens, a man with something very mysterious rolling around inside a tied pillowcase, and a young guy with a dog the size of a musk ox drooling on a leash. The last one was probably responsible for the poop in the parking lot. What the hell did his owner feed an animal that big? Truant children?

“Can I help you?” The receptionist looked over the counter, trying to spot his animal.

Oh, no. No animals for him. Pets seemed like so much trouble. “Hi. I’m here to see Dr. Claesson about the new clinic.”

“Oh right. He’s expecting you.” She stood up and walked to the door that led to the back. “Why don’t you follow me?”



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Already translated. Translated by Giovanni Torremacco
Already translated. Translated by Leticia Charles
Already translated. Translated by Henry Rafael Bracho Guzman

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