Zombie Wars Online: Episode 4 by Marla Braziel

The fourth installment in a zombie horror series

Zombie wars online: episode 4

It's game on as Matt and his friends embark on the high school mission in hopes of finding water to support their group. Matt discovers that zombies aren't the only predators in Zombie Wars Online. Will he be able to pull himself together, or will the hopelessness of the game finally push him over the edge?

Zombie Wars Online combines the best parts of horror and gaming in an ever-changing world where every episode introduces a new hacker induced trauma to an already horrific gaming experience.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: zombies, gamelit, video games, video game life, video game horror, gamelit horror, horror gamelit, zombie gamelit

Word Count: 10659

Sample text:

The big yellow school bus that the boys were being transported in raced down the deserted street towards the high school. All the while, an army sergeant barked out instructions for the mission. There were eight classrooms somewhere within the school where children were hiding, and it was their job to find them. Apparently, escorting the kids to safety was not an issue. Then again, escorting never seemed to be a priority in lower level missions.

“We should split up,” Erin suggested. “You two together, and Matt and I. We can cover ground more quickly that way.”

“I need to go by the gym and pick up some arrows,” Matt said, hoping that Cade or Brandon would want to go with him instead, since the gym was sure to be packed with zombies.

“Maybe you should go with Cade, and I should go with Matt,” Brandon suggested to Erin, and Matt sighed internally with relief.

“The zombies here aren't that difficult. Matt and I can take them together,” Erin insisted.

Brandon looked to Cade for his thoughts. Cade shrugged. “I don't care. I just want to get this done and get back to the girls.”

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