Year 1: Renegade by Tamara Hart Heiner

Supernatural academy book for teens

Evil exists. I know—I was created from it.

Year 1: renegade

The angels call us Renegades.

We call ourselves the Forsaken.

Because we were abandoned by heaven and all celestial beings, subjected to live in misery in hell.

But I managed to enter the Guardian Angel Academy.

And it's time for revenge.

Welcome to Guardian Angel Academy.

Year 1: Renegade is the first book in an exciting new teen/YA paranormal angel academy series with a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Supernatural Academy, Dark Angel Academy, Shadowspell Academy, and Evermore Academy.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Language: English

Keywords: supernatural, paranormal romance, academy book, angels and demons, enemies to lovers, teen romance

Word Count: 120000

Sales info:

This is book one to a completed four-book series. It's newly launched but has constant sales every day and over a hundred reviews.

Sample text:

“It’s safe to open your eyes now.”
My stomach dropped in churning anxiety as the thick, dark embrace of the archangel’s wings opened and spread away from me. Light slashed through my eyelids, and I flinched, but I did not open my eyes. I had trouble breathing, and my pulse shuddered in my throat, terrified and uneasy.
It’s not heaven, I reminded myself. You don’t need to be afraid.
No, of course it wasn’t heaven. I would have been incinerated the moment I stepped foot onto that celestial plane. This was something else, a cross between the mortal world and celestial ground. A place for those waiting for heaven’s approval to enter.
But I was not waiting for heaven. Heaven would never approve of me. I still couldn’t believe I was here, and I still wasn’t sure why.
Choice is a double-edged sword. One might choose freedom only to find the choice leads to misery and captivity. Or one might choose to sacrifice what they had in hopes of something more.
Such was my case.
Archangel Barachiel’s wings fluttered near my face, the softness of the air stroking my flaming cheeks.
“Jezbathasat,” he said, his voice soft like falling rain yet holding a strain of command, “open your eyes.”
The word whispered around me, my name, the lexicology that forever branded me a daughter of hell. I swallowed hard and pried my lids open. The white Light of purity and holiness did not assault me or burn me to cinders as I feared it would, and my shoulders relaxed slightly.
“Welcome to the Guardian Angel Academy at Yishuv,” he said.
I looked at him as his golden wings folded and withdrew into his body, leaving him looking as common as the wingless men of the damned I’d witnessed in the depths of Sheol.
Which was my home. Not heaven. 

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Translation in progress. Translated by Justine Bouchard
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Already translated. Translated by Talía García
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Fantastic! She's amazing. Prompt and answers all questions. I hope to work with her again.

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