Xavier by Kathi S. Barton

The Manning Dragons ― Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance

The Manning Dragons ― Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance


Cindi Janis was worried. The murders had been all over the newspapers. Young, redheaded women were found murdered, too many to be just a coincidence. Cindi hadn’t heard from her Aunt Caroline in quite some time, and she fit the description of one of the victims. So did she, for that matter. A short trip to Ohio and Cindi could claim the body if it was indeed her aunt and get on with her life. But what she found when she got to Ohio wasn’t on her agenda.

Xavier Manning wanted to help; someone needed to go to the airport to pick up Miss Janis to get this nasty business of identifying the body out of the way. He hadn’t expected that the beautiful redhead getting off the plane was going to be his mate.

The killings were getting closer to home. Now that Xavier had his mate and she fit the killer’s profile, the pressure to solve these murders was ramped up. Would Cindi be next?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Language: English

Keywords: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves & shifters, Paranormal Fantasy, Contemporary Paranormal Romance, Dragon Shifter, Spicy Romance, Fated Mates

Word Count: 49810

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In the US, Kathi S. Barton is a bestselling author. All her books sell well.

Sample text:

The plane landed on time, but the cool air after being in the warm jet was almost too much. Even the wind here felt so much more brutal. Cindi had made arrangements to have a car rented before leaving home and was dismayed to find out that the order had not been filled. Not knowing what to do, she saw her name on a piece of cardboard and walked to the two men holding it up.

“That’s me. I’m Cindi—with an I, by the way. How did you know that I’d be coming in today?” The older man told her his name, then introduced her to the younger man. “I’m glad to meet you in person, Mr. Green. Is there something wrong with your son?”

“He’s not my son. I love him like one, but he’s only a good buddy of mine.” Mr. Green poked Mr. Manning in the ribs. “What’s with you? She’s been a talking to you.”

“Ms. Janis, I’m sorry. I was caught off guard for a moment.” Cindi stared at him. His bright pink cheeks were cute, but she wasn’t into men right now. She had too much going on to have some overgrown man think she was going to be some kind of plaything. “You should be aware right away that I can read your mind. I’m sorry about your not being into men, but I’m your mate. Do you know what that means?”

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