Witch School - Book 2 by Katrina Kahler

Miss Moffat's Academy for Refined Young Witches: A great book for girls 9-12. Witch School Book 2 continues the story of Charlotte and all her friends at Miss Moffat's Academy for Refined Young Witches.

Witch school - book 2

A great book for girls 9-12. Witch School Book 2 continues the story of Charlotte and all her friends at Miss Moffat's Academy for Refined Young Witches. Margaret takes revenge on Charlotte before she disappears from the school and puts Charlotte into a dangerous and frightening situation. The girls train hard for their inter-school competition against Witchery College and on the day discover that the girls from the bad witch school definitely do not share their values and belief in fair play.

The School Ball with the students from the Wizard's School is a highlight in the school calendar. The girls meet some wonderful guys and have an interesting night.

School lessons continue with Mistress Zara, who is the fortune telling teacher. However, some of the girls are not impressed with her visions.

If you are a girl aged 9-12 and like reading about friendship and witches, then you'll love this story.!

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Chapter Books

Language: English

Keywords: witch school, girls books 9-12, witches, girls books age 9 12, books for girls 9-12, magic, books for girls age 10-14

Word Count: 23849

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Sample text:

Chapter One

It was clear from the stern look on Margaret's face that she was set on revenge. It was just the two of them alone in Charlotte's room and she only had to glance at Margaret to know that she wasn't in a forgiving mood. 'Margaret, I didn't know you were coming back?' Charlotte looked at the ground, before she chewed on the side of her lip. Charlotte gripped her wand tighter in her hand and tried to think of a spell, any spell. 'You won't be needing that,' Margaret flicked her wand in Charlotte's direction, causing her wand to fly out of her hand and hurtle across the room, landing on the carpeted floor. 'I'm s-sorry Margaret, I didn't want to get you into trouble, I really didn't but I would have been expelled if I hadn't told Miss Moffat what had really happened.' 'You're nothing but a tell-tale.' 'I couldn't get expelled for something you did. You ran off and left me to take the blame and I didn't tell, not until I had to.' 'If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a tell-tale,' she flicked her wand as she said the word 'Blattam.' Before Charlotte could ask her what spell she'd just cast she began to shrink until she found herself covered in a pile of clothes; her clothes. She could see two long antennae wriggling out in front of her and she took a step backwards to get away from them. The antennae moved with her and her legs, she no longer just had two, instead she had six. Charlotte wasn't human any more, instead she had been turned into a cockroach. She crawled out from under the clothes and looked up at the giant smirking Margaret. 'My mom says that roaches are the worst kind of vermin so it seemed kinda fitting for you. See ya around, that's if you manage not to get squashed first,' she sniggered as she peered down at her.

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