Who Are You? Ella The Enchanted Princess by Rosaria L. Calafati

A beautiful story about a bald princess who learns how to believe in herself!

Who are you? ella the enchanted princess

In a beautiful kingdom, hidden beyond the Enchanted Forest, lived a young princess named Ella. She was different from other princesses. Ella had no hair. She often tries to hide her head with scarves and headbands and doesn't like looking into mirrors. Ella always dreams of one day exploring beyond the majestic doors of the castle. However, to do that, she must pass through the Grand Hall, but there are so many dreaded mirrors on the walls. These mirrors are the guardians of the castle, and will not let anyone pass unless they are recognized. Join Ella on her first adventure through the Grand Hall! Why don't the mirrors know Ella, and what will she have to do to leave her room and explore?


Language: English

Keywords: bald princess, Princess Ella, bald is beautiful , fairytale, princess, self esteem

Word Count: 2187

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Page1 & 2

Here is the story that takes place in a beautiful kingdom hidden beyond the Enchanted Forest called Faylin.  This town was not an ordinary place, but a grand place filled with mysteries and wonder.


Deep in the Enchanted Forest was a quaint castle that stood all alone.  Everything about this place was mystical and magical!  In this castle, nestled in the snow-covered mountains surrounded by a moat, is where this story begins.

Page 3 & 4

A very special little girl lived in this castle.  Her name was Princess Ella.  She was a beautiful princess with big purple-blue eyes and pink heart-shaped lips!  She wasn't any ordinary princess; she was unique and amazingly brave!


Princess Ella had a big room where she spent all of her time.  In her room, she had everything all little girls dream of having.  She had wonderful toys, lots of books and a lot of costumes to play make-believe, which was her favorite thing to do!


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