While You Watch by Ginger Bangs

After my husband told me that he wanted to watch, I called up a man whom I hadn't spoken to in a very long time...

While you watch


My name is Amber Hope.

I've got a hot little secret. It turns out my husband Harold has a big hot secret of his own as well. When Harold told me what he wanted me to do about that big hot secret, I just could not believe what I was hearing.

So I called up a telephone number of someone I hadn't spoken to for a very long time.

I called up Quincy Shaw. You know that guy that I used to work with? The guy with the hot bod with abs that just would not quit? Bowling ball biceps and a pair of eyes like steely-blue laser beams? I'm talking one hundred percent pure hunk, with a capitol hubba-hubba-hubba.

Only it turned out that Quincy Shaw had his own hot little secret - a secret that he had been keeping from me for a very long time as well.

WHILE YOU WATCH is a hot and steamy and very spicy tale with a surprising and oddly romantic twist.

7300 words of steamy action told from a female point of view. No cliffhanger.

I recommend reading this with a tall gin and tonic, with a lemon twist.

And I do mean twisted...

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: voyeurism, cuckold, hot wife, swinging, sex, adultery

Word Count: 8000

Sample text:

While You Watch


By Ginger Bangs


* 1 *

“I am in bed with this man and he is fucking me right now,” I told my husband Harold over my cell telephone. “I just let him put his long thick cock up inside of me. He is huge and he is hard and he is built a whole lot bigger than you are.”

I had learned to keep my husband’s number always ready on my speed dial for occasions such as this. I knew that Harold would be sitting at home in the evenings with the telephone close at hand and his pants down around his ankles with a box of tissue and a bottle of vanilla-scented lubricant within easy reach, just waiting for me to call.

The anticipation of my telephone call was half of Harold’s pleasure. He would sit alone in our bedroom, wondering if I was even going to bother calling him. As for me, I had learned that it was better if I made Harold wait for it. It was better for him and it was a lot better for me.

You see, I had learned to enjoy the act too. I have enjoyed fucking other men ever since my husband first told me that he secretly dreamed of being cuckolded.

“Amber, I want you to cuckold me,” Harold had told me. “I like the idea of watching you fucking other men. I like to hear you tell me about how big and hard the other man’s cock really is and how much you enjoy being fucked by him.”

That was three years ago and I have been happily cuckolding my husband Harold ever since. I sleep with other men, whenever I want to. Sometimes Harold watches and sometimes I just tell him all about it.

I tell him everything, almost, but there is one secret that I haven’t told him.

I haven’t EVER told him the truth about Quincy.

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Great to work with. A true professional.

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