Weights by L.P. Masters

The greatest enemy I face is gravity


The deepspace warship that fourteen-year old Kaden Lowery serves on is under attack from an invisible enemy: gravity. Kaden must come to terms with his past and who he is in order to save himself and the crew.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Military

Language: English

Keywords: adventure, military, warship, space opera, gravity, weight, enemy, threat

Word Count: 6,700

Sales info:

I'll be honest, the sales and rankings are not great. It's a fairly short story, but it's a fun read, and has gotten really good reviews.

Sample text:

“Get back to your positions. I want us ready to launch the barrage in eight minutes.”

My gut twists again. Eight minutes. That means there are ten billion people on Curiott unaware they have eight minutes left to live. That means I am about to press a button that will not only make me a murderer, but ten billion times over.

And I'm only fourteen years old.

My chest tightens more. It feels like someone has a fist around my lungs and is squeezing. I drag my feet all the way to my console, and by the time I get there I'm breathing hard. Sweating.

Corporal Dannin types madly on the console beside me. He's sweating, too. He's pretty young, when it comes to army standards, so he doesn't wear a uniform either. But he's not as young as I am. I guess he's probably sixteen. I don't know. It's so hard to tell with his species; they always look older. But he claims that he's young, so I believe him.

Like I said. We look the same, but we're entirely different. I'm the most different of them all.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Matthias Hausberg
Author review:
Thank you for the good work
Already translated. Translated by Monja Areniello
Author review:
Great work again. Even the formatting looks beautiful. Thank you
Already translated. Translated by Núrya Inocentes
Author review:
Very great experience working with Núrya. The translations were good, she answered any questions I had, and was very easy to communicate with. Always on top of deadlines. I'm very happy with the experience.
Already translated. Translated by Emiliano S. Grill
Author review:
Excellent translation, excellent communication. I wish I could give him 10 stars! Highly recommended translator.

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