Warlocks & Sorceresses: The Timeless Grimoire by Antonio Galarza

(D.O.G.M.A., #1)

"A must-read for fans of Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments"

Warlocks & sorceresses: the timeless grimoire

In 1907 Wiltshire, Calne, Victor Waltz, gets blasted out of his suitably normal teenage life in the Edwardian English countryside as his strange seizures and the dreams they invoke grow exponentially until he can no longer avoid them. He fights every day of his life with this demonic parasite known as a Veil that threatens his existence. 

High Enchantress Amber Wolflight, a powerful Sorceress charged with gathering new underage recruits for the Division of Global Magic Affairs, pays the Waltz family a visit and urges Victor to attend Darklight's Military Academy where Warlocks and Sorceresses train in the Art of Seith magic to prepare for a war that's been raging on for eternity against celestial forces in the world of Eden.

Being told he is of magical descent, Victor struggles to accept his fate until, suddenly, life-changing news arrives that sets him on a path to stop a secret society called The Blight who seeks an ancient powerful Grimoire to set free the Lightbringer - "The one who will put an end to all conflict."

The fate of two worlds depends on it. 

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Wizards & Witches

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Language: English

Keywords: magic academy, sherlock holmes, viking books, epic fantasy kindle unlimited, fantasy wizard dragon war, epic fantasy dark romance

Word Count: 77661

Sales info:

Over a hundred sales since first published back on April 30, 2021. 

Amazon rankings.

#1,127 in Nordic Myth & Legend Fantasy eBooks
#4,019 in Myths & Legends Fantasy
#5,641 in Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks


Sample text:


The steamy markets on Baker Street reeked of the fumes of rotting meat and fish. Each stall looked more horrible than the last. The mixed toxins travelled among Londoners rushing for the freshest cuts. A feminine figure strode amidst the morning chaos. Her cloak of mud-strewn black hid a large, black tome that hung from a chain across her body. And the smell of fish turned her stomach. She tramped along the main street toward the river which itself smelled no better than the meat market. Sooty, smog-smeared houses inert flanked her in a gloom of silence.

Commonfolk peered at her with bewilderment. Men and women in the street stretched their arms for charity. At one doorstep, a young mother fed her newborn from her breast. The woman’s dull, empty eyes yearned to sink into an ocean of guilt and sorrow. Yet, the woman in black reached the next doorstep and marched past them. 

221B Baker Street. Its door blackened with dirt and dust from years of negligence, and thick webs stretched and split as she heaved it open; the scent inside hit her with dust, must, and stale grime. 

“Don’t waste time,” came a voice from the murky shadows in the back. With his face contorting in the half light, the tall hunchbacked man stepped closer to the entryway; tugging his wistful, thick black beard as he spoke, “He hasn’t lived here in years, ma’am.” 

She stepped back, eyes narrowing at him. He appeared to study her with interest, homing in on the large black book, inflexible in her grasp. Imprinted on the centre of its cover was the number 9 in fierce red lined with gold. She returned the curiosity with a formal introduction.

“Amber Wolflight, High Enchantress of Darklight, the Warlock & Sorceress Academy. I’m here on business, and you are...?”

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Guillermo Barrera Gómez
Author review:
Quality of the translated material was 95%. I had to verify some words which needed to be translated into Latin Spanish. The translator had translated it into a similar Spanish which is not a problem for anyone, only that in this specific project I wanted it translated into my Latin American Spanish. There was one sentence that he forgot to translate, I don't know if he didn't see it or if he overlooked it. Or maybe he thought the scene would be better without it. I translated it and added it to the final draft.

Punctuality in deadlines and communication I would give a 99% very responsible and attentive to instructions and messages. He can be a bit slow to respond due to his daily work at the university as a teacher.

Ease of communication I was satisfied with the communication. 100%

Availability of the translator to help market the book I will have to wait and see as it is not yet published.

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