Antonio Galarza (author)

Warlocks & Sorceresses: The Timeless Grimoire sequel Warlocks & Sorceresses: A Celestial Misfit is already in post-outline production. Coming winter 2022 or early 2023.

Antonio galarza

Antonio Galarza is the author of Warlocks & Sorceresses: The Timeless Grimoire, the first book in the Division of Global Magic Affairs series. Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance, and Adventure stories fuel this author’s soul. Devoted introvert. General music aficionado. Creator. Infuriatingly humble TV fan. Corn-flake lover and friendly troublemaker raised in southwestern Puerto Rico. In the Land of Coffee, Yauco.

Over two hundred sales on my first book and short story based in the same world but different universes. 

Warlocks & Sorceresses: The Timeless Grimoire (D.O.G.M.A., #1)

Red: Warlocks & Sorceresses A Short Story

Even the 5-star award from Reader's Favorite 2021 and five notecable editorial reviews from Reader's Favorite below.

Including reviews from fellow indie authors, SA Krishnan, and Ermelinda Makkimane.

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"A must-read for fans of Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments"