Walking with Elijah, The Fable of a Life Journey and a Fulfilled Soul by Doobie Shemer

An inspiring life journey on a spiritual path never walked before.

Walking with elijah, the fable of a life journey and a fulfilled soul

Forty-five-year-old Doobie Shemer has it all: a loving family, two cars, a dog and two cats. He lives in his suburb house, holds a corporate executive position and he is financially stable. Life is comfortable and predictable.

Yet, something is missing; something he can't describe can't put his finger on. A restless feeling of being incomplete dominates his whole existence.

Nevertheless, Doobie soon learns that life for him was not meant to be routine or ordinary. One bright winter’s day he meets Elijah, his spiritual teacher, at a shamanic workshop in New Orleans, the course of Doobie's life begins to change.

A mystical seed awakens in him and begins to sprout. It creates hunger for more spiritual abundance that leads Doobie to an enormous shift from incompleteness to a sense of fulfillment and bliss.

Walking with Elijah: The Fable of a Life Journey and a Fulfilled Soul inspires us to fearlessly explore our own spiritual path and to walk paths never walked before.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Angels & Spirit Guides

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Spirituality / Shamanism

Language: English

Keywords: Spirituality, mysticism, inspiration, shamanism, soul

Word Count: 32,950

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Walking with Elijah is ranked 4.6 (out of 5) stars on Amazon - here is a couple of reviews:

“After reading of his journeys, I feel that I understand our connection to creation more. I recognize better the role that the soul plays in our lives. Through the entire book, I could feel how grateful and humble he felt with everything he learned. This author has a gift of expressing his sights and feelings in a way that you can see and feel through his eyes. I would enjoy reading further of his journeys."
~ Julie Baswell 

“I must confess I have been deeply moved when reading this book, both by what the author explains about his childhood and by his inspiring shamanic journeys."
~ Lorenzo Bermejo Thomas

"With a profound conclusion, Walking with Elijah is about the evolution of the human race. This becomes most apparent to the reader towards the end of the book and also upon reflection of all the stories leading up to the final story in the book. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read this enlightening text. Walking with Elijah would be a good read for anyone seeking to learn more about shamanism or a deeper understanding of the spiritual world." 
~ Annie Hurley

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Sample text:

http://walkingwithelijah.com/ – Chapter Eight – Divining the Truth

Elijah smiled radiantly and looked up, then said, “Look straight at it—right through it. Look not only with your eyes.”

I looked up. I thought I understood what he meant.

“Humans normally look at an object,” Elijah continued. “Humans use their eyes and mind to analyze everything around them and form an image out of it. That is your natural sense of seeing. However, looking through an object is not a common way of observing. Using this method, you should look not with your eyes and the mind, but with your soul, using it to overcome the limitations of your mind and the three-dimensional world. Only then can you genuinely experience the full meaning of seeing, feeling, and being an integral part of that which you look at. Only then can you connect to the object’s soul.” He fell silent, glanced at me for a second, and then shut his eyes.


~ http://walkingwithelijah.com/ – Chapter Seven – Role of the Complementing Opposites

“Right, it isn’t that simple,” I heard Elijah say. “Complementing each other doesn’t mean that they exist separately from each other. On the contrary, within every evil there is some kindness; in every light there is darkness; in any act of madness there is some measure of sense. Nothing is just pure light or darkness; nothing is all good or all bad. When you hear laughter, you may also detect the sound of grief.”

He stopped speaking. All I could hear was the sound of the orchestra’s strings and the flutes echoed by a triangle. I looked at Elijah’s face and was overcome by his majestic divinity. Then he opened his eyes, two dark shining diamonds radiating with wisdom, and looked straight into mine.


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She is highly professional, accommodating, responsive, and delightful companion.
Loved working with Annalisa.

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