Vegan Snack Recipes by Heather Hope

30 Delicious Plant Based Snack Recipes for the Vegan Diet That Taste Amazing & Are Perfect for Snacking, Parties or Anytime You're Hungry

Vegan snack recipes

Vegan Snack Recipes

The Essential Kitchen Series, Book 36 

From the time we’re small children we learn to love and anticipate anything associated with a ‘snack’. 

Our palates grave these small, tasty morsels that quench our taste buds like nothing else. The Essential Kitchen Series rides to the rescue with Vegan Snack Recipes, 30 recipes destined to please and delight your family, a party gathering or just yourself for a late-night indulgence. 

No longer will you be embarrassed to bring a tray of vegan snacks to a party, where you’ll dazzle friends, turning nay-Sayers into believers. Take your lifestyle with you and be confident in the choices you’re making. 

Learn to Master Vegan Dishes 

Where do you start? A question easily answered in the first few pages of this unique recipe book. Use it as a secret weapon, training yourself and advancing your techniques with each new recipe. 

Before you know it, you’ll be turning ‘blah’ dishes into ‘wow’ creations. Have some fun, accept a challenge to try something new and delve in – your mouth with thank you later. 

Don’t Pass Up the Flavor 

We’re not suggesting you need to change your entire eating routine, but we are encouraging you to try something different – something so mouth watering delicious you’ll be glad you gave it a try. 

Learn what thousands have already discovered: a vegan lifestyle can be rewarding, fun, and delicious. If you’re already converted to vegan-ism, this book will enhance your recipe selection. If you’re toying with the thoughts of trying it out, grab this book as a wonderfully, tasty introduction into vegan cooking. 

Foster Healthy Choices and Habits 

It's your body; start treating it the way it deserves. Explore vegan-ism and take advantage of natural ingredients for life. 

Adopt the idea of a healthy lifestyle and buy this cookbook today! 

You'll have absolutely no regrets, but will discover a delicious way to entertain family and friends.When you purchase today, you will also get access to a special free gift from The Essential Kitchen Series ($97 Value).

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Sample text:

Chapter 1 - Vegan Snacks



Are you new to veganism?  Do you have no idea what you can snack on? Do you think you’re going to be stuck eating vegetable sticks for the rest of your life?  Or are you a tried and true vegan who has been enjoying the lifestyle for a long time now but has gotten bored with the same limited snack ideas?  Do you feel like there’s nothing more out there for you to eat?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place!


You have a ton of vegan snack options just waiting to be discovered.  And although raw veggie sticks certainly aren’t a bad thing, you don’t have to eat them at all if you don’t want to!  Vegan snacking is easy, simple, and affordable.  No need to break the bank or drive yourself crazy looking for difficult-to-find ingredients—all of the recipes in this book are designed with you in mind!


Now, read on and let’s start vegan snacking!

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