Vegan Diet: Vegan Det For Increased Vitality, Energy And Weight Loss by Brandon Carell

Vegan Det For Increased Vitality, Energy And Weight Loss

Vegan diet: vegan det for increased vitality, energy and weight loss


A vegan diet doesn’t mean you are sentenced to eating only carrots and lettuce for the rest of your days. In fact, the growing popularity of a plant-based diet means that more creative recipes, restaurants, and supermarkets are providing more vegan options than ever.
When starting out as a vegan, however, it is important to understand that there are certain dietary guidelines to consider that will help you to maximize your health and weight loss.

You can recreate natural health and wellness, virtually through food alone. I'm not making this up. I'm not just sharing my personal experience. The medical, scientific and academic communities have been studying the contribution of whole, fresh, natural fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds to our body’s health for decades. Agro food lobbyists don't want us to know how good raw, whole plant foods are for our health, because their paycheck comes from processing foods! However, more and more physicians are advising their patients to take charge of their own health improvement by going vegan to some degree.

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Consuming dairy, or to be more specific: consuming animal foods that are high in calcium has always been associated with rheumatoid arthritis – an inflammatory progressive condition that affects bones, ligaments and tendons. In advanced cases, this becomes physically crippling as it fuses cartilage and joints together. When this happens, bodily movement is severely limited, joints become deformed, and the person suffers from chronic pain in said afflicted area.

 Another form of arthritis cause progressive bone loss and reduction of cartilage tissues. This causes bones, muscles and nerves to rub raw against each other, causing chronic inflammation in said area(s,) and subjecting it to irreversible damage. This is called osteoarthritis, and this condition alone increases the person’s susceptibility to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Unfortunately, both these conditions affect more women than men, and are much more prevalent in women who are overweight and obese.

Simply consuming less meat and more fresh greens helps lessen inflammation of the joints. But by subscribing to a vegan diet, the progression of osteoarthritis slows down considerably. This lessens pain frequency and intensity of rheumatoid arthritis too. A little weight loss also helps keep stress off afflicted areas, which can aid pain management

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