English poetry cum essays on life as questions and answers. When all is answered


Unanswered is all about finding the answers which lay deeply hidden in the core of our hearts but we fail to discover it as we are covered with fog of ego and desires. Unanswered is all about revealing those answers.

 Poetry cum essays are based on life as question and answers. Each poem is supported by an article explaining the poem and reason behind writing same.

So much of questions in me which in turn coming from this mortal world led me to find answers for same and giving solace in this painful world.Why is there pain and sufferings, why do we die,what is morality,how can we become immortals are among those many questions which one will find answers to in my book in a very very simplified form. If my writing can bring peace into someone's life that would solve the purpose for which book was written.

"From where it came,there shall it go"

Genre: POETRY / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge

Language: English


Word Count: 16000

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An award winning book and deemed as one of the best self help book in recent times, its all about finding your real self. Book is available all over the globe in print as well as ebook.

Sample text:


Ever since the beginning of existence, humanity has sought after the elusive elixir of peace, happiness and tranquility. Its labours have been concerted towards carving a path and a destination towards unalloyed and permanent happiness, a divine purity of lifestyle and free-willed existence. Many have undertaken this arduous task and have either failed partially or miserably. The quest, however, has always held its allure. One accumulates material wealth, chases success and forges relationships to fill an unfillable void in this quest. This book   seeks to fill some voids, answer some of these uncertain certainties and voice unvoiced reflections. It talks about -a path that liberates and a path that   elevates.

This collection is an articulation of the nature of the quest  as well as of hurdles one encounters on the journey to the inscape; it is also an attempt to understand the nature of the unknown, the illusionary and the dazzling enigma we know as maya.

All articles and poems in this work are based on my personal experiences with   ‘truth’ as I have come to know it. My rolls and dips in the ocean of spirituality have brought me to the shores—of certainty, of peace and   true selfhood. This work is a humble endeavour to explain the nature of my journey. I will be happy if it shows ‘the light’ to others too.


I am but thy instrument.


Life of a Yogi

Free from ego, free from desires, free from the quotidian in life. Does not get perturbed by the challenges offered by life, does not surrender to the vagaries of the heart. Sees the manifestation of the divine in all beings, resists the tyranny of nature and  refuses to follow the crowd. A yogi  is on a quest for ‘the truth’, not a self-constructed one, but one received from the master in true humility

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The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Natalie Paige Jenkins
Already translated. Translated by Roberto Felletti
Author review:
Amazing and thoughtful translation of my work. Each word, each sentence, each phrase was justified and shown in its true light, one for which they were written.
Translation in progress. Translated by André Weber
Already translated. Translated by Natalie Paige Jenkins
Author review:
Superb translation by an excellent translator. She made sure that the soul of the book is not lost in the translation process

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